10 healthy breakfasts for diabetes patients

1. Omelette Whisk eggs, mix in chopped vegetables, and cook in a non-stick pan.

2. Moong Dal Chilla Soak moong dal, grind it into a batter, add spices, and make thin pancakes on a griddle.

3. Dalia Sauté mustard seeds, add vegetables, then dalia, and cook until done.

4. Methi Thepla Knead a dough, roll out flatbreads, and cook on a griddle with minimal oil.

5. Palak Paratha Mix finely chopped spinach with flour, make a dough, roll out flatbreads, and cook.

6. Masala Oats Sauté vegetables, add oats, water, and spices; cook until the oats are soft.

7. Idli, dosa & Sambar Idli and dosa is my all-time fav South Indian delicacy. Steam idlis and serve with a side of vegetable-loaded sambar.

8. Chana Chaat Mix all channa  Chickpeas, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, and chaat masala for a tasty and healthy chaat.