5 Quick and easy hacks to dry your clothes in monsoon

#Monsoon mayhem The monsoon season in India has caused widespread destruction, particularly in Delhi, where a flood warning has been issued and schools in various areas have been shut down.

#The moisture problem Humidity and reduced sunlight during the monsoon and rainy days can significantly disrupt your laundry routine, posing a formidable challenge.

#Hacks to dry your clothes As it is impractical to go for extended periods without washing your clothes, here are some useful tips to facilitate easy drying, even on rainy days.

1. Drip off excess water To begin, ensure that your laundry does not contain any excess water. Squeeze the washed clothes diligently to remove any surplus water.

2. Clothes rack and a fan In your storage room or spare room, set up a clothing rack and hang your clothes using hangers. Additionally, turn on the fan to its highest speed.

3. Use a heater Another straightforward trick is to utilize a heater. Arrange your damp clothes in a compact room and turn on the heater.

4. Hairdryer is your hero Hang your clothes on a hanger and employ a hairdryer to dry them within minutes.

5. Iron your laundry If your clothes are still retaining dampness, try ironing them. This method will swiftly dry them in no time.