6 things to do if there's a flood warning in your city?

Floods and damage Floods happen often, causing loss of lives, damage to homes, roads, and public services.

What to do? Here are some things you should do if there's a flood warning in your area, according to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA).

1. Collect information Listen to the radio or watch TV to get information if there might be a flood in your area.

2. Beware of flash floods Remember that sudden and fast floods can happen. If there's a chance of a flash flood, go to higher ground right away. Don't wait for someone to tell you to move.

3. Secure your home If you need to leave your home because of a flood, make sure it's safe before you go. If you have enough time, bring inside any furniture that's outside. Move important things to a higher floor if you can.

4. Disconnect appliances If someone tells you to evacuate during a flood, turn off the main switches or valves for your utilities. Unplug electrical devices. Don't touch any electrical equipment if you're wet or standing in water.

5. Don't walk here Don't walk in water that is flowing or moving. Even six inches of moving water can make you slip and fall. If you have to walk through water, go where the water is still. Use a stick to check if the ground in front of you is firm before you take a step.

6. Follow car safety protocols Don't drive into areas that are flooded. If the water rises around your car, leave the car and go to higher ground if you can do it safely. You and the car can be swept away very quickly.