8 Indian spices that   can make your skin glow


Cardamom is good for your skin and helps protect it. It can also improve blood circulation. You can use it as a scrub for your skin.


Cinnamon is great for your lips and face. It can help reduce acne and make your skin look rosy. You can use it as a scrub.

Black Pepper

When you mix black pepper with things like curd, it can open up your pores and remove blackheads. This makes your skin glow.


Turmeric is really good for your skin. It helps with aging, fights off infections, and brightens your skin.


Ginger is good for your stomach, and when your stomach is healthy, your skin is too. Applying fresh ginger juice on your skin makes it glow.

Coriander Seeds

Coriander seeds are gentle and cooling for your face. Using soaked coriander seeds as a morning cleanser can make your face brighter.


Saffron is used a lot in skincare products because it can make your skin glow instantly. It also helps with acne because it reduces inflammation.


Nutmeg powder is amazing for your skin. It can reduce pimples, marks, burns, and nourishes your skin from the inside. You can use it as a facepack.