Best exercises for gaining weight

1. Pull-ups Pull-ups are a good exercise for gaining weight and building strong shoulders and arms.

2. Bench press The bench press is a great exercise for developing your chest muscles. It's important to do it correctly, just like any other exercise.

3. Squats Squats are a basic exercise for the lower body that can help strengthen and tone it. They are often included in weight-gain workouts.

4. Tricep dips Tricep dips are an easy arm and back exercise you can do at home to gain weight. If done correctly, they can help with muscle growth in the upper body.

5. Crunches If you want to build muscle and strengthen your core, crunches are a great exercise to do.

6. Burpees This exercise works all the muscles in your body and targets the major muscle groups.

7. Push-ups  Push-ups are known for strengthening the upper body and core. They can be a bit challenging but are very effective for weight gain.

8. Lunges Lunges are helpful for building and toning your hip and leg muscles. They are one of the best exercises for gaining weight.

9. Glute kickback This exercise targets your lower back, butt, and core muscles. It's also great for weight gain.