Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have welcomed their fourth child, a son named Wren, via a surrogate.

The couple had previously experienced the loss of their baby, Jack, at 20 weeks of pregnancy in 2020.

Chrissy Teigen had always wanted four children and decided to explore surrogacy after her personal struggles.

They reached out to a surrogacy agency in 2021, looking for two tandem surrogates to carry their third and fourth children.

However, Teigen had a change of heart and decided to try carrying a child herself again, resulting in the birth of their daughter, Esti Maxine Stephens.

They also found a surrogate named Alexandra, whom they felt was a perfect match for them.

The first embryo transfer with Alexandra did not succeed, but they were overjoyed when she became pregnant with a little boy.

Teigen witnessed the birth of their son, Wren, just minutes before midnight on June 19th, with Alexandra as the surrogate.

Teigen expressed gratitude for Alexandra's strength, love, and joy during the birthing process.

Teigen shared adorable photos of baby Wren and expressed that their hearts and home are now full, dedicating the new additions to their late son, Jack.