On Wednesday night, The Boston Celtics lost Game 1 of the series against the Miami Heat with a score of 123-116.

The Celtics led by nine points at halftime on Wednesday night. The Celtics then trailed by 12 points after the third quarter.

Celtics head coach Joe Mazzulla tried to put a positive spin on the team's performance, mentioning that they won three out of four quarters.

The Heat dominated the third quarter, scoring a franchise record of 46 points, which was the key difference in the game.

Mazzulla faced criticism for not calling timeouts during the Heat's third-quarter run and sarcastically responded to a reporter's question about it.

Marcus Smart defended Mazzulla, stating that the responsibility lies with the players to perform better, rather than relying on timeouts.

Mazzulla highlighted the need for the Celtics to take better shots, avoid turnovers, fouls, offensive rebounds, and three-pointers in the third quarter.

He acknowledged that the team let go of the rope in the third quarter but couldn't pinpoint the exact reason.

The Celtics have a history of overcoming deficits in playoff series, so a 1-0 series deficit is not considered a catastrophe for them.

The Celtics will have a critical Game 2 on their home court, and Mazzulla's remarks about winning three out of four quarters will likely be discussed in the media.