9 Ways to stop binge eating at night

1. Don't stress yourself If you eat when you feel anxious or stressed, try finding other ways to relax and calm down.

2. Make a proper eating routine Creating a daily routine can help if you eat too much because you haven't eaten enough during the day. Eating at regular times and spreading out your meals can make you feel less hungry at night.

3. Don't restrict  yourself from food Very strict diets with very few calories usually don't work well and often make you crave food and overeat.

4. Remove the food that triggers you Try to limit the amount of food you have at home. Once you finish it, avoid buying more.

5. Add protein to your   meals Eating protein with every meal can help you avoid overeating when you're truly hungry. It can also make you feel full for longer, reduce your focus on food, and prevent nighttime snacking.

6. Try eating healthy   snacks Keep healthy snacks like fruits, nuts, berries, plain yogurt, and cottage cheese nearby in case you get hungry between meals.

7. Adopt new and healthy habits After dinner, do some light exercise like going for a walk or bike ride while listening to music. It's a great way to avoid snacking late at night.

8. Remain hydrated throughout the day Drinking enough water not only has many health benefits but can also reduce overeating and cravings. It's not just about stopping binge eating; it can also increase metabolism, which may help with weight loss.

9. Plan the meals you   intake throughout the day Planning your meals and having nutritious snacks available can reduce impulsive eating and making unhealthy food choices.