Spanish soccer incorporates B teams of major clubs into its own pyramid

B teams are part of the soccer pyramid with B teams and reserve sides lining up in different divisions of Spanish soccer

Six clubs have B teams in the third tier, Primera RFEF, including Real Madrid Castilla and Barça Atlètic

One strong season can be the difference between being a youth-focused side-project to developing it into a crucial revenue stream for the club

The rise of B teams doesn’t always mean good news for everyone involved

It's a strategic call to provide a boost to the second string, rather than prioritize the first team

Critics are questioning whether Álvaro Rodriguez could contribute as much, if not more, than the scarce options on the first team’s bench.

Xabi Alonso was leading Real Sociedad B in his first role at senior level last season, and it earned him a shot at the very highest level as Bayer Leverkusen

Other B-team graduate coaches include a quarter of current LaLiga coaches

Playing alongside fellow youngsters against seasoned veterans can be a struggle