Millie Bobby Brown 'Stranger Things' Star Engaged: Everything You Need To Know

Millie Bobby Brown, who gained fame through 'Stranger Things', is engaged at the age of 19.

Now she’s 19-years-old and already engaged.

Who Is Millie Bobby Brown’s boyfriend / fiancé?

Brown is engaged to Jake Bongiovi (20) the son of rockstar Jon Bon Jovi and his wife Dorothea.

Brown announced the engagement on Instagram with a picture of her and Bongiovi and a Taylor Swift lyric.

How Did The Two Lovebirds Meet?
The couple met on Instagram in 2021.

When is the wedding?
No word on that just yet. These things take time! Have patience!

What about Stranger Things?
The engagement won't affect Brown's appearance in Stranger Things 

And the rest of the cast?
The rest of the young cast has not yet announced any marriage plans.